Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The memory that last... The pain that pass...

Starring for hours looking at that green light beside her Icon
Telling myself a million times that I've move on
Saying that I am strong... and doing this is wrong
But all of a sudden... my stupid hand went on and click the button

Now the cursor in blinking
My heart pounds and my brain stop thinking

What was i too say?
Just a simple Hey?!
I'm happy for you and sorry that I didn't make it to your
wedding day?
I wasn't invited anyway...

I wish that knowing this was a delight
That I've found peace and no longer have to fight
but the shining Sun seems not so bright
It can't promise me that I'll be alright

How do you recover from forever after?
Has forever stop... and he's the "after"?
All I know... He is definitely better
He manage to win over your mother

You're the first who made me shad my tears
Made me conquer all my fears
Change me to be a better man
A man that someone could actually depend

But you're the past
I'm back in being an outcast
somethings are never meant to last
I really need to move on... fast...

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